by Deäd Kätz

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Deathsong 02:31
Do you remember when You were still my friend And we were sticking to that band Do you remember when When we saw them again We realized it never meant anything All the good times we had And all the friends me made All these times are dead and gone Remember everyone Again they'll never come Leave them buried in the ground Do you remember when We said that if we'd ever met Again we'd stay the same Do you remember when We went in different ways We realized it never meant anything
Kiss 04:02
I bring you out to my little town I'll make you play in my little bar There`s just one drunk who's a regular Tut baby... You're a star I'll make you dance till the bucket is full I'm bleeding for you so put on a show I'm sorry if it's not enough for the fuel Well baby... that's rock-n-roll Oh holy scene I crawl to your temple to buy and sell I scratch on the door, I'm ringing the bell Oh holy scene Would you please please notice me I'm ready to die only to be seen Eating junk til the day I die Nothing's easy when you're DIY You know we all have to pay the price Uh... baby... It's alright Just one last time I promise you You can trust me cause I'm keeping it true Together we are gonna make it big Cause baby that's what i do I'm no wimp Holy scene
Cathaniel 04:36
First time I met him he was living on the streets I tried to keep him as my pet I said: oh precious would you come home with me And stay a while... or for eternity? I am the saviour of the streets you'll be the prince you always wanted to be But just one night in your company Is the only thing I ever want for me Just a few weeks later He was living on my couch He became more than just my guest He occupied my mansion He blocked my living room My greatest fear: That cat is leaving me Why are you leaving me Didn't I save you from the streets Didn't I even give you money For just one little kiss Would you please take down your knife Let's watch tv don't take my life Don't let me take revenge on you I'll embrace you and take you with me to hell
66 and 67 Were the years I lost my ticket to heaven She made me drink blood from a bowl I gave my heart she traded my soul I was in love with Jane Mansfield And her heart-shaped body I never got her out of my head She made me lose my faith in Jesus And the holy spirit She made me think that god was dead There was no chance for me to settle She made my blood boil inside my vessels I have to thank her more than anyone else; I owe her everything and noone else She made me learn how to love myself
Dresden 03:26
Hello my friend It is nice to see you again ­All your scars and bruises in your soul They really suit you well And so my friend After all these years Is it love or is it alienation That made us meet again I wasn't sure if my story was true And that’s why I had to talk to you Dresden Calling - We’re licking our open wounds Dresden Calling - This one is for me and you You’re still my friend After all the things you did to me And after all the things I did to you You’re still receiving me Goodbye old friend It was all - fun and games But now that our picture is fading All we got is a frame I pay respect where respect is due But now I got to bury you Dresden Calling ...
Rock'n'Roll 02:19
Torture, every night i'm suffering Torture, pushing buttons on my machine Torture, cleaning out the filthy mind Torture, diabolic sonic grind Can't take another day of sitting in this hole I got no power but I am in control I don't like rocknroll - it makes me nervous I don't like rocknroll - not at all Torture, both of us are going down Torture, pressure makes the world go 'round Torture, love the feeling, hate the sound But it's in my head Can't take a another day of emptying my soul Deafening tone… and then I hit the button Bang bang, I cannot take that pain i feel Bang bang, my eardrums getting numb Bang bang, and if we're going to make it through Bang bang, I gonna get the gun
Rabbit 03:17
Headlights on - rabbit on the run I'm not afraid when threatened by the snake You tell me about the sacrifices you made But you never asked for the price I had to pay I used to stroll the alleys I used to fell strong men I spend my nights in shabby bars Now I drink modestly I go on holidays I draw my pictures in the sand Once I was proud, but my Time is running out I got nothing to show and my body's getting old I told you about the sacrifice I made Did you never miss the man you locked away
Barrel 03:45
"We were fighting, we're fighting over who's supposed to clean the bedroom And to scrub the kitchen floor That's when I hit her, that's when I shot my woman down That's when her soulless shattered body hit the floor" How can you live on with blood on your hands? How long does it take to forgive yourself What if they will find out, find out what you did? Will they understand? You can can her - in a barrel In your barn - they can't find her In a barrel -in the wall "Our fights are over, My life is back in order now. I live in comfort Remember all that we've been through But I am frozen when I look at that little barn Because of all the sins in thoughts and deeds. In fact you're still around" How can you live on with blood on your hands? How many of your days Can you spend in denial? How can you escape From the prison that you built? Can you tear it down?


recorded 2019/2020


released November 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Deäd Kätz Saarbrücken, Germany

founded in 2012 as the Stalin's organ of Kitty-punk

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